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air_force_babe [userpic]


September 3rd, 2006 (11:51 pm)

current location: bedroom
current mood: scared
current song: none

Yea.. lifes been really shit lately.

Went to RAF brize norton, was there 5 mins.. fractured my toe. lol!

Came back on the 26th, found out my nan had died on the 25th of Lung Cancer - no she was'nt a smoker, the cancer had spread.

So yea, the funeral was friday, we walked behind the herse.. instead of going in a car, which was weired. And it was very emotional aswell..

Also, my mate Tom, who ive know for a good 7 years is moving to canterbury... ive always had strong feelings for him and now i don't know what to do. Today, we were on the common, with my mate izzy and Toms brother, and we were playing football, i was on his team, just me and him lol, and we were flirting like heck! Then we had this grass fight, i stuck it down his pants :D

Grr.. then he stuck it down my top Grrr

And he was leaving, and he was like..yea, we hugged.. and i did'nt want to let go, he held on longer, and it was really upsetting, coz im gonna miss him soo much, and i want him to know how i feel, eventho he won't care.. And when he was walking away he kept looking back, and he stole my ball, and he was like ' you sure you don't want it back' just to talk to me once more, he kept looking back, and i just wanted to run up and talk to him, or jump up behind him or on his back, just to be with him once more...
Ive liked him for so long...

Im hopefully going to canterbury for his housewarming... i'll tell him im gonna misss him, and i care for him, and im sad i won't be seeing him as much...

School tuesday... woope

air_force_babe [userpic]


August 17th, 2006 (10:07 pm)

current location: dining room
current mood: bouncy
current song: girls aloud - biology lmao


yea.. i have'nt posted in a while so i thought i would.

I went germany for a week, and got back yesterday. Was fucking brilliant. , Met loads of new people, all of them awesome. Im going RAF Brize norton on saterday for a week then im back for my birthday on the 28th. YAY!

Me and david have been going out again for about... 3 months now, aww if fek'in brill. I love him to bits, and i actually think we're gonna last :D yay, i love my thumberlina to bits!

Im now in yr 11 and getting to terms with my GCSE shit... ive gotta do my best, yea.. will do :D

I got my hair cut.. yea... lol OH me laura and geri attacked the guys with hair dye, lol pink and red... such jokers :D Was well fun. I also had to climb onto out billet roof military style for this frisbee.. was well jokes, lol then the flt sgt attacked me with my own mud mask crap lol, and got chased. We had pizza most nights, then got screwd at by being a min late, me and laura were like p-off! its an overseas camp so its sposed to be relaxed.
We went gokarting! was wicked! We went to this theme park, was nang!! we went on this rollercoaster 15times in the pissing rain! was nang, me and david snogged when the picture bit came up, lol we got caught lmao everyone saw.. lmao! There was another dodgy pic, lol... accidental :D
Swimming was funi, lol bare jokes! errm i won fam-ex for B flight! coz im nang at navigation!
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners were a laff! lol geri cooked an egg like rubber then Ryan chucked it and it bounced! lmao

Then i got sick and peeved at the midget adult sgt... grrr damb woman. ah well

TRAUMA at the airport, they found out i was 14, and was gonna send me home coz you have to be 15 to go on an overseas camp, but Sir pulled a few strings coz im from 444 and a model representive so yea :D
they were bloody booking my cab home from heathrow, David was on the plane crying, geri was upset and laura was fuckng pissed, she was swearing at the staff and everything, lol then i caught a lil bus to the plane and ran up the asile to 'em and they bust out with ALICE, and was like omg!! yea, :D David wanted to join the 'mile high' club... lol, i was like no not till i marry yah, lol if you catch my drift.. lol take off was awesome!! the force was nang!!

but we lost the drill comp by 4 marks.. we still won tho :D

We were at the airport for 6 hours delayed, lol.. dad was screwing lmao, was well jokes tho, i was well hyper, and high on perfume, lmao. Then was delayed another 2 hrs at heathrow, and went straight to cadets, lmao.. yes i am a dedicated mother fuker. lmao. And got home at 11:30, woot! Was mr lookers birthday, was'nt gonna let him forget it.

Well, yea, my nans seriously ill, and she's not going to last much longer, my mum is seriously depressed, and shes going back and forth hospital aswell, i hope things get better, for her sake, and nana's.

well, gotta go now, stuff to do, people to talk to, bed to sleep in!

xxx luv yah Mwah! xxx

air_force_babe [userpic]


June 20th, 2006 (02:34 pm)

current location: in my room
current mood: bored
current song: none

Yo people!

Well its been an exciting time for the life of moi. Went to camp on the weekend. Very eventful that was. Played blackjack like every five mins. lol! Thanks to me :) Did the assult course. Very nice, got lots of bruses lol. Cant wear skirts for a while tho :(

Hmmm, where to begin, i knew i should've done this as soon as i got home. lol. Um.. geri help!!!

well today, i went to borough athletics, and i came 1st in 400m!! Omg!! i was sooo shocked,
i nearly cried, then i thought.. well it was only a 400m. Im glad my teacher was proud of me, she hugged me lol. Then i felt really sick afterwards... which was'nt normal for me. so yea.


air_force_babe [userpic]


June 9th, 2006 (09:05 am)

current location: Home- Dining room
current mood: calm
current song: Rihanna- Unfaithful


It was really funny in english yesterday.
I was sitting at the back next to Jess as normal. We were finishing our media unit 'Jaws' Id finished copying out mine, so i was just looking for something in my bad to occupy myself with. I looked at jess and there was a bee flying around her head right in front of her face. I shout "shit! Fuck! bee! jess!!!,shit!,fuck!" and i did'nt have time to get out of my chair so i fell out of my chair and just jump up whilst jess is still sitting down. Jess looks at the bee, goes "oh" and calmly gets up and stands next to me. Im just like, ok.. why did'nt you panic as much as me??
The rest of the class were kinda laughing at the fact i fell off my chair, lol was funny. Naomi was just laughing at me.. and i was like, yea.. ok.. made a fool of myself, oh well.
Sir was just wonering what was happening at the back. Gave me some weired look like he was saying.. 'ok, please sit down. you freaky person' oh well ^^ t'was fun. Then me,jess and nae reminded ourselves the time when a bee flew round sir. We were watching jaws at the time, he goes " oh! hello, Dur dur dur dur' *in the jaws tune* we were in hysterics at the back. Still funny today :) Then the mrs Bells coursework voice.. 'can i have your coursework please' ... yea lol.. you have to be there.. :D

We had a tv film crew at cadets on wednesday, was really funny. We were marching and the guy was doing all the camera stuff following us.. getting in the way.. hitting people lol! He interviewed a few people, not meh! lol. We were upstairs in the IT room, and sir came in with the man, and sir said to me "you alright latham" the camera looks at me and i was like. Ah!!! "yes sir" *in a really authority like voice* lol, he interviews Cwo Wade, and they were just about to leave and sir says to me "you sure your alright latham" im like, Yes im ok!!! "yes sir" *with a very dazed/confused look" then they both leave.. which was a load of fun. Final parade came, and we were all ready, sir came out, talked, and then he was giving out awards, Cwo wade got one. She marches up, the camera man follows her, stands infront of her, she salutes, and at that moment the guy moves and she hits the camera and him. Very funny. lol. Then i got called up for my bronze at wing athletics *dances* the guy did'nt follow me tho.. :( lol.

Well, im at home right now, should be in school. But i have to stay home to look after my mum. I do actually want to go school. But shes more inportant.

Well C yah! xxx

air_force_babe [userpic]


May 25th, 2006 (11:14 pm)

current mood: blank


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air_force_babe [userpic]


May 25th, 2006 (11:08 pm)

current mood: stressed
current song: Mrs Robinson ' the lemonheads'

this is so my own fault

i can't help myself

air_force_babe [userpic]


May 25th, 2006 (08:21 pm)

current location: dining room
current mood: loved
current song: Papa don't prech 'madonna'


ive got camp on saturday.. so looking forward to it, DofE and no one interesting is going. Im going out with David again, this time he's going to treat me propperly. He made me cry, he was really sweet. I hope it lasts, coz i really do want to spend the rest of my life with him, i know im young and in love but thats how i feel but i do honestly hope we do stay together. I can only hope. Well, ive got to pack, so ill see yah later


air_force_babe [userpic]


May 21st, 2006 (11:06 pm)

current mood: weird
current song: Pink-who knew

heya, ive just straightened my hair.. ok.. it looks weired, have'nt done it this good before, i usually have curly hair.. but ive decided on a change. heh, errm, some crystal man gave this gardian angel pendent, and he held this crystal above my head, and he asked me if i felt anything, and i said i felt like there was hot water inside my wrist, and it started to travel up my arm, to my heart then my head. He then said i had worries on my mind *which i do* and he said i have been healed.. what from i don't know, then he asked me to step into this ring on the floor of crystals, and he asked me to make a wish and stare at the crystal in my hand, so i did. and he then said to me, say it louder in your head, they can't hear you. and when i finished he said, 'don't worry it will sort itself out' and i was like.. ok, and now im thinking about stuff and no matter what i can't worry about it.. its weired..

well speak laters folks!

alice x xx

air_force_babe [userpic]

TO THE FOUR 444!!!!!!!!!!

May 7th, 2006 (09:49 pm)

current mood: happy
current song: Dirty dancing 'Lover boy'

Omg! today was just so brill, it was wing athletics and i ran in the 1500m, some of the toughest girls in london wing were running, we started off and i was one from last, these girls were sprinting, 2nd lap came and i was in 3rd, and the girl would'nt let me pass, damit! anyway i passed her and i thought it was the last 100m, then i see the girl who was 1st still running, i was like, 'for flips sake!' i held second till the other side of the 100m, then she passed me. i was on the 3rd leg and i saw some girl comming close up, i thought to myself 'no way in hell are you getting past me' and i don't know where it came from but i had a burst of energy, and i started sprinting the final 100m, i heard people cheering for me, it was soo awesome! And some dudes at the finish line even cheered for me, i was like, ' i don't know you, but hey, thanks ^^' then lydon *wee-man* ran up to me and gave me a bear hug, did'nt help much.
Then these dudes made me put my arms around them and they walked with me, i was like ' i ain't complaining' hah!

Before all that tho, me and Geri was in the loo, and we heard shouting so we came out of the cubicles, and this girl had locked herself in the loo, and some GUY flight sgt, was shouting at her, geri went, you do know this is a girls toilet, and he's like, are you decent? and she replied, thats besides the point your in a girls toilet. And he was shouting at the girl, 'stop showing yourself up infront of these cadets' and i was like 'omg, im a cpl. should i say something?' but i did'nt, and then they were in the corrodor and shouting at each other, i went to Cadet Warrant Officer, and told him. 2 mins later i get a tap on my shoulder, Cpl Latham, on me. Which means get here now. And he said these two gentlemen want to talk to me, i was like omg! what did i do? i just had to identify who it was, and state what happened.

I was in loads of photos ^^ ;) and yea they were fun, woot!!

speak laters xxx

air_force_babe [userpic]


May 4th, 2006 (12:19 am)

current mood: ecstatic
current song: Busted 'i love that thing you do'

Heya!! yea i know its past midnight, but im in orbit dude!! im so happy, and its all true that physic stuff and predicting things :D yea *dances* hmmm *sings* yes ive had redbull, and im so gonna feel it in the morning, BUT I DON'T CARE!!! COZ IM SO HAPPY, for once in ages. Im extra happy.

P.S i have some freaky rash/spots arround my mouth which is sooo annoying me, it looks weired. And one of these days that girl will get slapped regardless who she is, BY ME!!! Don't worry this is to none of my friends, just some annoying cow from school.



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